Copper Cookware

Cooking, a lifestyle. Our pans are handcrafted with copper and tin-lined on the cooking surface, following the old-fashion Italian tradition. With a beautiful and quality copper cookware you can prepare your food as a real gourmet chef while making a statement presentation for your guests.

Whether used professionally or simply for the joy of cooking, Amoretti Brothers products are the perfect tools for anyone who appreciate the real gourmet lifestyle.

  • Hand-hammered by our most skilled coppersmiths
  • 2 mm copper for the best cooking performance
  • Double tin-lined on the cooking surface for a longer interior durability
  • Bronze signature handles & copper rivets
  • Wooden gift box available
Our Styles
Engraved Cookware
The “cesellato” technique allows the artisan to create a design on the copper sheet from the front with hammer and chisel . The most elegant pan you have ever seen. Hand engraved to offer exquisite pieces to decorate any beautiful kitchen.

Copper cookware, a must-have in the gourmet World

All chefs say that copper cookware is the best of the best, but only the most sophisticated realize that they also own a piece of craftsmanship and history. Ever since it first appeared in sumptuous Renaissance courts, it has been dubbed the “queen of pans” and is perceived in the collective imagination of the western world as an exclusive object, a perfect cooking instrument with historical and aesthetic significance. AmorettiBrothers pans are entirely made by hand in Mexico using sheets of copper up to 1/10 inch, fire-forged and hammered to the desired shape. As a final touch, we line the cooking surface with pure tin. Made to impress every guest with its nuanced harmonious and luxury feel, a copper pan by AmorettiBrothers can be taken directly from the kitchen to the table, beautifully presenting every gastronomic creation. For added effect, our master coppersmiths also customize our line of products for special orders.

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