The Art of Metal Transformation

Our Heritage

Family Matters

Amoretti Brothers is a company founded by a family raised in idyllic Turin, Italy.  It was in Italy that we initially had our dream of establishing a company that could design and manufacture the best handmade products through excellent craftsmanship. We moved to Mexico in 2002 to follow that dream and we specialized in working copper and brass. In 2006, we established Amoretti Brothers. Starting with only few products and big dreams, Amoretti Brothers has grown to have a factory where we manufacture high-end copper kitchen tools, custom range hoods, and finely crafted copper cookware. international markets

Between Mexico, USA & Italy. A story of design and craftsmanship.

Amoretti Brothers has a vision: that design and craftsmanship are intimately related. The utmost harmony between these two principles results in products with solid personality, style, and innovation. This is the philosophy that drives our top-notch copper craftsmanship.  

Production and distribution.

In 2009, Amoretti Brothers built its workshop on 3 hectares of virgin land near the Monarch butterfly biosphere. This scenic location became home to 2,000 square meters of space that serves as our workshop, archives, office, factory store, and living space for workers and visitors. We control the design, production, and worldwide distribution of all our handmade products.


The “green” spirit of Amoretti brothers lives on in its use of only high-quality natural materials and our investment into Tlapujahua’s community. We believe in equal opportunity hence we hire equal numbers of male and female local artisans. Through our business practices, we strive to create the custom copper products for you while supporting those who made them and protecting the natural environment.

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