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Kitchen Hoods

The meeting point between tradition & innovation in the kitchen.


Stylish handmade copper sinks.


Luxurious and decorative bathtub collection.


Design and craftsmanship , beautifully handmade.


Discover the Amoretti Brothers table collection.

Custom Metal Projects

OUR contract works for residential & hospitality

Since 2006 we are proudly partners of leading designers and architects to create custom metal products for hospitality and the most exclusive properties around the World.
We offer a full service of design, product development, production and installation. From decorative lightnings for hotels to wall covers, furniture, or special objects, we are always up to the challenge.
We offer all our expertise, problem solving, development and engineering skills to develop different new finishes, materials and sophisticated techniques,  innovative and creative solutions to help the industry with the best products and the best experience possible.

If you'd like to build a custom project with us you can contact us requesting a quote > click here < or contact us

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Copper Patinas & Special Finishing

do whatever you whant but never put a limit to your creativity!

We bring the showroom to your home by offering our customers a complete metal finishings and patinas toolbox.
It's our mission to help you make an informed decision on our products and ultimately give you the satisfaction of a product that is tailor made to your specifications.
If your trying to decide between metal types, you'll have a much better idea when you can actually see and feel the metal in person.


metal finishings
Hammered Copper
metal finishings
Hammered Alluminium
metal finishings
Polished Copper
metal finishings
Brushed Copper
metal finishings
Polished Brass
metal finishings
Brushed Brass
metal finishings
Stainless Steel Polished
metal finishings
Stainless Steel Brushed
metal finishings