French daubière: the amazing art of slow-cooking 

Amoretti Brothers Staff
December 7, 2022

 French Daubière recipes are notas hard as they seem. The trick is to master patience and find the correct timeto cook anything from vegetables, beef, or wild game.



Owning an Authentic French Daubère is a game changer. And we can assure you they are not only a mouthfull of words but a real asset in your kitchen. French Daubière’s design hasovercome the test of time, as they have been around for many, many centuries. 


Here’s how they work: 


Basically, the design allows thepot to be perfectly sealed at the same time that the lid is kept much colderthan the bottom, therefore, moist is kept in at all times, and the steam isrecycled up and down, so anything that is cooked inside comes out juicy andtasty. French Daubières are the star for slow-cooked meals, as they use theminimum amount of liquid and can tender even the roughest meat. 


How to use your French Daubière:


Place your copper kitchenware onthe stove and set the flame from medium to low. French Daubières are also fitand safe for the oven, but it’s a good idea to pre-heat it first. Inside theoven the heat will come from outside the pot, so, to avoid shrinkage, it willbe a good idea to remove the lid in the process. A trick to preserve even moremoisture is to place some baking paper under the lid to seal it. 


A few recipes to get started: 


The most classical dish prepared in a French Daubière is a Provençal favorite: Boeuf en daube provençale


Try a different variation with this French Beef Daube Recipe 


More into seafood? No problemhere’s an Octopus Daube Recipe 


Get your French Daubière here. Remember to experiment with your recipes, youmight find yourself upgrading your favorite dishes. Share with us your cookingcreations using #amorettibrothers on social media! 

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